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Let Us Make a “High Potential Buyer Client” Database According To Your Product or Service Type

Do I need to make a “Potential client” database for my product or service? Or I don’t?

In fact, it depends on your product or service type. If you are selling exclusive product like cars, Real Estate or services like, airliner, health-hopital, hospitality service-Hotel-Restaurant-Resort- Travel-tour, Beautification, car wash or similar, you’ll need a special category of buyers. They must have buying capability and have the ability to make buying decisions. In plain words, they must be rich to buy your product or service. In this case, you’ll be benefited by making a database of such clients according to your product type.

Again, the database will differ between two products. For instance, non-resident Bangladeshis are high-potential clients for a Real Estate company, but not so for a car wash company!

You do not need any database if you offer your product to mass people. Say, if you are selling fried chicken, then you should not target any category and try to sell to general people as many as possible.

Actually, your product or service will define what category of clients it needs. Like most Hair Cut Saloons of the city; they serve mass people, But there are few that serve only “Exclusive Category” clients. Same goes for “Beauty Parlors” and many similar products and services.

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